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Miracles - John Edmiston

A languid electric landscape of guitars, Fender Rhodes piano and Hammond Organ with lyrics that bring to mind Lennon or Dylan but with an aching soft trance-like delivery drenched in the melancholy of loss.

John Edmiston, Miracles John Edmiston, Miracles
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Obsession - John Edmiston

Obsessive, driven, electrified psych-folk; a seriously disturbed case of amour fou with an unrelenting beat of guitars, Hammond organ and bass, sounding like a previously undiscovered Basement Tape or the raw musical fragment of some lovesick psychosis.

John Edmiston, Obsession John Edmiston, Obsession
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Mystery Malaise

Haunting lyrics, an electric guitar made to sound acoustic, and not one, but two Celtic harps all conspire to give John Edmiston's 'Mystery Malaise' a very different and unique sound; the metaphors of decay contrasting starkly with the uplifting strings.

John Edmiston, Mystery Malaise John Edmiston, Mystery Malaise
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Last Song

Last Song is a final farewell to a love now gone; a gentle goodbye to all that has gone before. The instumentation has been pared down to the minimum: guitar, bass and a very sparse relaxed stratocaster that brings to mind a chilled Clapton.

John Edmiston, Last Song John Edmiston, Last Song
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Yankee Reality - Hush Arbors

One of the better things that happened in 2009 was the release of Yankee Reality, the second album by Hush Arbors. Let's be very clear about this ... Yankee Reality is a great album. I got so irritated by a luke warm review I saw on Amazon, I thought I'd just sign-post that as loudly as possible.

Steeped in rich sonic textures of American roots, with haunting lyrics conjuring images of nature, it is a terrain of mountains, hollows and thickets in the forests of Shenandoah; fleeting glimpses of lips and hands and a lover's hair; shadows of a love at evening and in the morning; sleep, dreams, and visions; the ghosts of older speakers, the beat of a Siouan drum; memories imprinted on trees, rocks and slopes, only semi-erased by the mists of time and the pain of loss. There are echos of tribes long since exiled, the tattoos of tattered armies, of senseless fights fought and lost. An aching melancholy fills these valleys and hangs like a shroud in the trees - memories of a love now gone and of the nights spent together in the forest - yet through it a quiet warmth burns insistently, the morning sun rising above the ridge and dispelling the mist. The Yankee reality here is perceived by retreating to the last remaining quiet places, the inner places, the hills and hollows, climbing to the vantage points above the mountain saddles, following the rivers and tributaries of the mind to the caves and ancient grottoes, to the hiding places, the forests and inner visions of a land that once was ... There, strengthened by the quiet breath of mountain air and a clear horizon we can see and feel all that has gone before, what might have been and the stark truth of what is left.

Keith Wood has given us here a rich aural quilt of Americana embroidered with swathes of near-perfect grungy guitar; it manages to feel raw, off-beat and beautifully underproduced, as if recorded in a log-cabin somewhere in the hills of Virginia. Yet there is a thorough knowingness in its construction; through these plaintiff elergies, hillbilly rhythms and tribal drumbeats there is a perceptive understanding of the traditions from which it draws, a musical history that stretches wide and deep, both ancient and modern. This is an album that rewards many repeated listenings, a collection of songs whose warmth and beauty lingers.

John Edmiston -

Hush Arbors, Yankee Reality
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Hush Arbors at Myspace

Restless Angel - Marie Gabrielle

Restless Angel, Marie Gabrielle's debut album is an immaculately produced and beautifully crafted collection of songs that encompasses a range of musical styles including acoustic and electric rock, ballads and blues. It features an impressive cast of backing musicians that includes the instantly recognisable piano of Dr John and the beautifully expressive violins of Antoine Silverman and Lorenza Ponce, with co-producers, Hugh McCracken on guitar plus gutsy harmonica and Rob Papparozzi - also on harmonica - both lending a hand. They join Marie on guitar, electric and acoustic, including slide and dobro. Throughout this richly textured instrumentation, Marie's distinctive warm vocals carves a solid groove, serving a welcoming slice of Americana that evokes the wide open spaces of the southern states, the highways and railroads of Texas and Louisiana, and the freight-train rhythms of freedom.

Images of an unchained spirit take flight and soar in the bright southern skies, an escape from the city, a freedom held aloft by the aching notes of a fiddle; the road beckons, the highway that is forever calling, like the road movie that is the title track with its journey from Houston to New Orleans, a road movie punctuated by memories of eating pecans in a friendís backyard, visions of the moon, a night slept beside the tracks in a railroad shed ...

Restless Angel, don't let 'em clip your wings ...
Restless Angel, you are the songs you sing ...

... cruising the open highway in an old Mercury, across the glistening waters of Lake Pontchartrain, its twin bridges an iconic metaphor for the path of freedom, the widescreen and spacious vision of a crazy dream made manifest and of all that crazy dreams can make possible, like a causeway of the mind, journeying over that vast stretch of water, shuttling between the past and the present, leaving behind both the starting point and the destination, the north and south sides of any dream, just shorelines on an endless highway, memories of being young and broke with the wind in your hair ...

You held me tight ítil the sun came up
Looked in my eyes... and we took off again
Restless Angel, don't let 'em clip your wings ...
Restless Angel, you are the songs you sing ...

... as yearning and nostalgic as a slide guitar chord in open tuning, taking you back down the years and all those memories, all those highways and level crossings, the gas stations, the bottles of wine and the moon above the desert, playing songs 'til the dawn...

No psychedelic chickens or weird instrumentation here ... just honest dirt, a straight road heading off into the distance, a gutsy musical truth, emotion laid down plain and simple, as solid and reliable and uncomplicated as a telecaster, as straight forward as 4/4 and 12 bars ...

The tropes of freedom are again echoed in the blues here...Getting Over You, with its driving railroad rhythms of guitar and Hammond organ, the harmonica a freight-train whistle blowing, getting out of there, leaving behind what needs to be left behind, washing her spirit clean ... this is a spirit thatís got rambling on her mind ...

But it is the ballads that remain longest in the memory; the melancholy fiddle and reminiscences of the long-ago love in the albumís title track, Restless Angel; an excellent moving version of the quintessential Phil Ochs song, Chords of Fame; and perhaps most memorably, the haunting inspired lyrics of I Will Lay You Down, originally a poem that Marie later set to music ...

Falling like a snowflake
On a blue white mountain peak
Where thirteen fields of arnica grow wild
Ancient songs of wisdom
Roll like thunder with every beat
Of the unforsaken heart

And I will lay you down
Sunbeam halos
Surround your soul
With a freedom all your own ...

This is a soul that wonít be held down, that understands how to do right and live right and doesnít want to be messed around no more; that gets itchy feet and restless when things donít work out, that longs for the wide open spaces, the deserts, the mountain-tops, the flat horizons of waterways and rivers, the places to replenish the soul; to drink deep and cleanse the spirit, before taking off again, hitting the road, down the endless highway, across the tracks, over the longest bridge ... thereís a star to catch, a dream to chase, a dream forever wild in the heart ...

Restless Angel, don't let 'em clip your wings ...
Restless Angel, you are the songs you sing ...

John Edmiston -

Marie Gabrielle, Restless Angel
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